Thursday, October 2, 2014

Family Day at the Flight Line

Corey drove all the way to LA (Lower Alabama) for my family day on the flight line. I was so excited to have him here that I flew my best flight so far. We took off like normal and the families met us at our stage field and watched as our buzz numbers flew by. We had great weather and I had so much fun. I flew first and then we shut down so our IP could meet our families and have lunch. Then he and my stick buddy left while I got to hang out with my baby and show him all around. 
Our Commander flew out a static display so I got to explain the controls, the start up procedure, all the maneuvers we're learning, etc. Corey was under the impression that we flew out to fields with mounds of dirt to land on so he was impressed that we actually had lanes to land on. There's also a pilot's lounge to hang out in while we're not flying. It's not nice, but it's better than a mound of dirt.

Steep approach

Autorotation (I think)

Action shot!

Meeting up with Corey :)

The static display

All my gear. Corey told me to look tough...

I was so happy to finally see my baby again!

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