Sunday, December 1, 2013


When we got our orders to Germany all I could imagine was Neuschwanstein Castle and how many times we were going to see it. Now that we are leaving (a year early) we made the trip down there and it was beautiful. Even though I'm not a lover of winter or snow or cold, I really wanted to see the castle all covered in majestic snow.
Lucky for us there was just the right amount of snow. Although we did almost freeze to death, we were pretty lucky to get there when we did. The hike up the mountain helps warm you a little but the tour is freezing! You can warm up a little by pretending to look at stuff in the gift shops, but then the hike down is frigid. There's a little cafe at the bottom that sells gluhwein, which is probably what saved us from hypothermia and allowed us to make it back to the car. The Prius takes a while to warm up so we had to suffer just a little longer than most. Haha. It wasn't that bad.
If you do go in the winter:
Wear real snow boots (not Uggs or mocassins. I was happy to have on my legit snow shoes and I saw some nice shoes ruined along the way)
Wear real snow gear (it's seriously cold there)
Bring the hand warmers (you won't regret it)
Don't ride the horse drawn wagon up the hill (you'll freeze. You need that thigh burning hike to keep you warm)
Get a pretzel at the little cafe (best one I've ever had!)
Mary's Bridge is closed in the winter so don't expect great locations for perfect castle pictures

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