Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanksgiving in San Antonio

I'm in Texas for a while and was able to spend Thanksgiving with some friends from my year in Wichita Falls. They are avid Harley riders and participate in an annual group ride for the Basic Trainees at Lackland AFB. I got to tag along and ride on the back of Jill's trike and it was so much fun. There were around 150 riders and we just escorted a few buses filled with Air Force recruits to the Harley shop where they ate Thanksgiving dinner.
Afterwards we ate at their house and had a great time catching up. The weather is amazing here so riding in late November is perfect!

Art & Jill and her trike

Art and his sweet ride

Riding buddies

I'm most definitely the nerd in the mirror :)

Line of bikes returning from the ride

Non-riders supporting the troops!

Basic Trainees on their way to get some food without being yelled at :)

Javelina Harley-Davidson

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