Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cruising Kitchens

I found this place while I was lost, looking for my hotel in San Antonio. . I could definitely see myself driving one of these one day. Especially if the military doesn't work out. Haha. I have always and will always love the idea of being a gypsy. I don't think I would actually love it, but it's okay to be in love with an idea.
They also have a sitting area that looks like they serve food. I went to check it out today but it was closed, so I went to Bento's instead and got the "best empanada in the free world". It was pretty good. Their fish taco was supposed to be amazing but I've had way better. I normally don't notice that with food, but I know I've had better fish tacos than that. I'm a bad critic since I love it so much. I usually don't have anything bad to say, but this taco was way too fishy. There, I'm a food critic.
Here are some pictures of Cruising Kitchen that I stole from the internet.


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