Friday, October 21, 2011


I have several college credits. Lots. Unfortunately none of them combined make even an Associate's degree. Luckily my year of military school combined with some previous classes got me really close to an Associate's through the Community College of the Air Force. I was still a few classes shy so I have been taking CLEPs to finally get something concrete accomplished. Yesterday I passed my final CLEP in Principles of Management with the bare minimum passing score :) You need a 50 and I scored a 50. I was so happy to have gotten by so close because I feel like I won one over The Man. Oh, I need 50? Fine, that's all your getting!
Now that I have this degree I'm really not too far from a Bachelor's, but the military is cutting education funding at the beginning of the year, so I'll just work on getting some more street smarts in Europe. Dang! I'm sooooooo sad that I have an awesome excuse to not take classes overseas, leaving me with more time to travel. Darn it.
I know it's pretty pathetic to be getting an Associate's at 30, but I know I have undiagnosed ADD. Haha. Just kidding. My real reason for not going to college was that I didn't get accepted to BYU Hawaii, therefore I couldn't bear the thought of going to college to learn. If there was no tropical beach involved, I was not going.
The lesson you can learn from my mistakes, is this; get ADD medication early in life so you can focus on accomplishing boring things like college.

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Natalie said...

I know. Sometimes I think I will never finish college, which is probably true. I'm just a few credits shy of an associates, but there's just no motivation here! Plus a having a one year old doesn't exactly help.