Monday, October 10, 2011

The Buff

While I was visiting my family in Colorado Springs, Derek and Andrea Bailey met me in Denver for a weekend trip. We went to Boulder for some breakfast I had seen on Man vs. Food and it was worth the traffic from game day in Boulder! We went to The Buff and I got my order of pancakes with bacon and sausage cooked it the batter. They're called Saddlebags but I didn't really like the imagery. Fat thighs or not, those things are good. I also bought a shirt because it says, "Eat in the Buff" on the back. I wore it on my bike ride and run today and felt extra cool.

I loved Boulder and Denver and could totally live the summer.


Natalie said...

I love trying out restaurants that I see on my favorite food shows. Brad and I just tried out a couple on our last vacation and it was so fun! Looks delish. Love the shirt.

Sarah said...

Sounds like the Cadillac of McGriddles.