Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why do children hate Santa?

I was looking at pictures of my nieces and nephews (I do that A LOT. They are all so effing adorable) and found this picture that I took when I was visiting the Binns in Colorado. We took the kids to the North Pole and like all adults, forced them to sit on Santa's lap. This tradition rarely produces the darling photos we are hoping for, so I wonder why we do it. I guess because our parent's forced us? Either way, I'll continue to torture my nieces and nephews and I don't know why.

They all look very hesitant and slightly terrified to be touching this guy, which I am proud of. They have obviously been taught that this is wrong. Hopefully there was no irreparable damage done by the confusion they must have felt when the adults they most trusted, and taught them not to do this thing, made them do this thing. I'm sorry Bradley, Annie and Jackson. I, and your parents, really do love you. I will be in Colorado next month to visit these 3 again and will not be making them do any such thing. My mom (their Grandmother) already suggested another trip... Initially I said "no", but after looking at all the fun we had, maybe :)


Stef said...

That picture is hilarious!!!! OH, and I was going to answer you on my blog, but I am too lazy...sixnutrition.com is nate's new company. Just a little side biznass he has going. Good times!

Binns Family said...

Those are the cutest kids I have ever seen! Maybe if we go again when you come we can make Corey sit on Santa's lap.

Natalie said...

Yeah...sitting on some old guy's lap and whispering in his ear is definitely not something you teach your kids to do. Weird tradition isn't it? But yet it keeps on going! I wouldn't be surprised if someday the whole thing becomes illegal for some reason and we look back on it like, "remember when we had to do that so our parents could take pictures." Love the baby. She SO wants to make a run for it. Funny! I bet those kids ADORE you:)