Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

I would like to thank all the men and women who served in the military and their families. I feel bad that I never realized the sacrifice that so many people made until I joined the Air Force. I guess life is so easy in America that you don't always realize how hard it was for some people to get that for us. Freedom is one of the greatest things we have and nothing is special or valuable unless it was fought for.
My sweet, perfect husband is obviously my favorite veteran and he's off on an Army training in PA for 2 weeks so he's not here to stop me from writing about him :) Corey joined the Army when he was 17 and joined the infantry despite his mom and dad advising against it. They were both in the Army and did not want their son risking his life like that. Since he was a dumb teenager he signed up anyway and he deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. He got to shoot terrorists and play with guns and grenades and all the things boy dream of so he was pretty happy about all of it. However, he was hit by an IED in Iraq and was sent back to the states to recover. He was hit in the side of his neck and nearly died but thanks to his medic and a lot of skilled surgeons he survived and still serves his country despite all that. Lucky for me he reclassed into the medical field and we met at school in Texas. His code name was 'War Hero' so my friend and I could talk about how hot he was without anyone knowing.
Corey is so brave and a tough MFer. His Army training still comes in handy like when we have creepy people on our porch staring into our home. He also helped me improve my shooting skills and thanks to him I qualified as Expert on the M16 yesterday!
I'm so grateful to all the people who have served in the military and have sacrificed for our country. There is a lot at stake and so many people willingly give up time with their families, their safety and their lives. My brother, 2 cousins, husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law, both grandpa's and so many friends have all done this and I'm so proud of them and so grateful to them.
So go hug a veteran and thank them for helping keep us free from living like Iraqi's or African's. Our country isn't perfect but at least it's not okay for men to beat their wives or for the military to kidnap and rape whoever they want. If you want to learn a little about what's going on in the political world, Corey has a new blog. He's very smart and teaches me everything I know about politics.


Stef said...

I was thinking about you today! Thanks for all YOU do! And thanks to that awesome MFer of a husband you have!

Sarah said...

I wanted to text you guys but thought you would think I was a total cheese ball. But now I realize I was stupid for not even saying thank you for serving in the military. You found a great guy and I'm super-excited about the blog.