Sunday, November 29, 2009

Country Roads Take Me Home

This 4 day Thanksgiving weekend has been great. We spent Thanksgiving with Corey's mom, Pamela, at her house in PA. I made dessert and she made pretty much everything else :) It was so good though and I dread the year I have to actually make a turkey. We left the next day for West Virginia to the WVU vs. Pitt rivalry game. We got tickets through Pitt and had to sit in their section so we cheered for Pitt even though we secretly wanted to cheer for West Virginia 'cause they were rowdy and had lots of cool cheers for first downs and touchdowns.
We encountered our first snow storm of the season on the way there and it was freezing! I lasted until the third quarter before I became really uncomfortable. Corey said that the harsher the weather conditions, the cooler the game is...he's a little more hard core than me. The game was really fun though and WVU scored the final 3 points in the last 3.2 seconds of the game for the win and as the crowd stormed the field they played Country Roads by John Denver and the whole stadium sang along. It was really cool. After the calming sounds of John Denver we were quickly reminded that we were in total hickville when all the WVU fans started chanting, "Eat sh!t Pitt, eat sh!t Pitt!" and waving unpleasant hand gestures at us. Luckily we were not hit with any beer bottles or by any fans.
Yesterday we went up to Pottsville, PA to the country's oldest brewery, the Yuengling factory. We took a tour and saw the city. It was pretty cool and not what I expected. It's very small but really interesting. I had never heard of Yuengling 'cause it's only sold in a few eastern states. We couldn't figure out how the oldest brewery in the country hasn't been able to reach states like Ohio or Michigan or any of the cold states where all they do is drink beer. Weird.
We are finally home to clean up the house and get ready for a 5 day work week. It always seems so hard to work that many consecutive days when you've had a few weeks with only 3 or 4. Plus, it's really hard for a lazy person to comprehend the need for a 5 day work week.

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Sarah said...

Corey must be a Packers fan. I always wondered how they talked themselves into sitting through those games. And you look like the cutest little babushka. :)