Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Corey went to Vegas for his first time! My best friends all met me there. Lindsay and Danny and girls drove up from Phoenix, Dre and Derek from Salt Lake and LA and Marleah and Chad already live there so I got to see my favorite people AND bask in the 95 degree sunshine! We had so much fun. We stayed at Excalibur 'cause it was the best deal I could find and it wasn't too bad. The flight there was pretty horrible and so Corey and I have vowed that even though the prices are lower, we'll never fly Southwest again. It's always a pain if you're traveling with someone else 'cause you might not get to sit with them.
We walked around a lot, laid out by the pool, went to a show and had some buffets. We flew all the way to Vegas and didn't gamble. I don't even really like it but I love Vegas.

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Lindsay said...

Soooooooooo good to see you. We loved meeting Corey. What a good guy. It's about time Carrie, seriously. :)