Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Mom Came to Visit Me!

Last weekend Paula flew out to the east coast for her first time and I got to show her all around. She was only here for 3 days so it was fast but we packed it in. First we spent all day Friday down in DC. I showed off Andrews Air Force Base and my mom's favorite thing to do is look at the discounted Dooney & Bourke and Coach purses. We did that then walked around DC for a few hours and saw all the sights. We got a last minute perfect parking spot and now that I have a small car I actually parallel parked without embarrassing the crap out of myself or giving up. I felt pretty cool.
Corey made tons of good food for my mom so we ate at home every night. On Saturday he was the tour guide and took us to Hershey, PA and we went on the chocolate tour. It was super windy but since we were inside our little chocolate heaven we couldn't tell. We drove out to Corey's moms house so the mothers could meet and fight about which of their children is better but they were really nice to each other instead. We were mildly disappointed.
On Sunday Paula made me do wedding stuff with her and even though I didn't want to, it ended up being pretty fun and now I have color swatches. Then before going to the airport we went to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and walked around. It was so cool and pretty and Corey and I are going back today for an Oriole's game! It's rainy though so we might not walk around for too long.


Stef said...

It looks so pretty there this time of year! I LOVE that you call your mom Paula...haha. She is too cute!

Meghan said...

Awww fun! I haven't seen Paula in forever!

Binns Family said...

I wish I could have come too.

Sarah said...

I wanna come.