Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Mom Came to Visit Me!

Paula is the greatest woman to ever live and I finally coaxed her to the south. When I was a kid I used to trick her into my bedroom by saying that I was hurt or needed something, then I would close the door behind her and trap her in my room and make her pay attention to me. That's kind of what I did here recently. She secretly loves it.
First thing you need to do when visiting lower Alabama is go to Florida. I took her to Destin for a day of sun, beautiful sand and clear, perfect water. We also hit up the outlets ;)
Ft. Walton Beach

She was blinded by the sun

So I gave her some sunglasses
I showed her the peanut capital of the world, the Boll Weevil and all over Fort Rucker. There's nothing better than having your mom's full attention when you're the third child out of four. It was heaven! 
The mighty Boll Weevil ate all the cotton and forced the area to plant peanuts. Now they're the peanut capital!

The Diner in Daleville, AL

Downtown Dothan, AL

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Janna Renee said...

Aww! I wish we could have met your mom! Looked like y'all had a great time!