Saturday, May 11, 2013

France Part Une

For Corey's official Post Deployment vacation we chose a road trip through France. For some reason I hate to say this, but I freaking love France. I didn't expect it but each time I go, I love it more. The people are always friendly, every square inch is adorable, great food, great wine, everywhere accepts credit card (except certain toll booths which cause French road rage and it is slightly more terrifying than the American version) and the radio stations are exactly one thousand times better than German radio stations.
We packed up the Prius and left for Versailles and Paris. It's only 4 hours away so it's not as wondrous as it sounds. We stopped to drink Champagne in Champagne and arrived at our hotel in Versailles. We chose not to stay in the city because we are lazy and just wanted to park at our hotel and not worry about driving in Paris.
If you go to Paris one day, consider a day in Versailles because it is a beautiful town with so much to see and less people. If you go to the train station and just stand around looking confused, someone will help you and you will eventually make your way into Paris. You have to show a little cleavage for this to happen though.
My first look at the Eiffel Tower

I was so happy to be there with Corey!

Lock bridge


Lock heart

The Louvre

Art Noveau everywhere. I loved it.

Sacre Coeur

Mont Matre

Street art

Only for the picture

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Everything is adorable

A girl after my own heart

Versailles flowers


Versailles Palace

Versailles Palace


Sarah said...

There's so much I love about this post. A. your hair. B. the fact that you use your cleavage to your advantage. C. a post with a butt crack somewhere always brings it up a notch. D. your pictures. E. you. Love ya! So happy you got to see Paris!

Stef said...

First of all, you look hawt.
Secondly, I now want to go to France, because if Carrie likes it, it HAS to be cool.

Jenny said...

I'm charmed and am hoping even more that I get to go to Portugal and meet up with you! Looks like an amazing trip. I'm so glad that Corey made it back safely from his deployment.

Sarah said...

haha. I'm back for more. Just needed to have another look. Can you email the pic of the metro sign? I looked everywhere for that in Paris and I couldn't find it. Do you happen to remember where it was? I know. Needle in a haystack but I thought I ask. :)