Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dirty 30

I always thought 30 would be kind of cool but then I woke up this morning with a nasty head cold, walked out to my car and found a flat tire and got the on-call phone at work. Hmmm. Soooo, it started off bad but luckily I had a friend to help me with my tire, someone to bring me this awesome cupcake cake, tons of phone calls, text messages and facebook posts, and two sweet girls who decorated my room with balloons and made me more cupcakes!
I was sad that I didn't get to spend my 30th with Corey, but was so grateful for all the people who made my day so special. No one really helped me with the excessive snot problem this head cold has given me, but that's cool. I learned how to really change a tire (not just in theory). I finally took a tire off and put a fixed tire back on. I also snotted on the tire and didn't tell the guys at Mr. Tire. Birthday surprise for them! 
I thanked my mom for bearing me and putting up with me and she was all like, "yeah, you owe me $4,500 for the C-section" so I'm going to start working on that. Just kidding. My mom is so sweet and pretends like I was a precious angel. She has been blessed with the gift of forgetting. She thinks all her children were so sweet and easy going. Haha. We were ;)
Um, I like 30 and wasn't bugged about the age but I certainly don't want to turn 40. Let's just stop here and forget about the rest. 
In case you're bored and have been dying for a new viral video...check out the Honey Badger. 


Stef said...

YEA! I am so glad you are now in the dirty thirty club!!! I miss your guts and hope your day was super awesome.

Natalie said...

Ahhh...I wish I could have brought you a cupcake! Or a Netty Pot (I heard they help with the snot problem:), but then you couldn't be leaving nice little gifts of snot for unsuspecting people just going along minding their own business. Happy Birthday girl!

Sarah said...

The only thing going through my mind right now is how much I suck for not using one of the multiple ways of communicating to tell you happy birthday. I hope I'm not too late. I'm happy that you've joined me in the 30's club. It's going to be a good decade for us, I can feel it. And don't let me forget that I owe you a DC Cupcake birthday cupcake!