Sunday, March 13, 2011

Audrey (my compadre)

My sweet, beautiful, adorable, funny, cuddly, precious little niece turned 1! Since I am a devoted auntie I had to be there for her party and it just so happens that my brother and sister-in-law live in Hawaii so while it was a tough choice, I feel I made the right one. 
I had soo soo much fun hanging out with my family and playing with Audrey. We did all the usual Hawaii stuff. I can't even describe how nice it was to have warm weather, family all around and nothing to worry about. Luckily I made it out before the tsunami warning. I didn't even hear about it 'til I landed in Dallas because I slept the entire 8 hour flight. I turned my phone on and 10 texts popped up with worried messages and then I was all worried 'cause I had no idea why everyone else was worried. I'm so glad nothing happened to Hawaii!
In the course of 10 days I took about 559 pictures...I see why parents always want to take pictures of their kids. They have so many cute faces and funny looks and you want to capture them all. But seriously, Audrey is so freaking adorable and I couldn't stop taking pictures of her cute face. Thank you Paul and Krynn for such a great vacation and taking such good care of me. And all the trips to the airport. Haha!



Stef said...

It looks like HEAVEN!! Your niece is super super cute.

Binns Family said...

Looks like a fun time! Audrey is getting so big!

Sarah said...

Was that the point?? I miss Hawaii. Love the pics.

Lindsay said...

Aaaahhhhhhhh. I wish I had gone with you! You have a cute family!!