Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cajun Festival

My cousin Jesse is also in the Air Force and is stationed a few hours from Sheppard so he drove down this weekend to hang out. Today Wichita Falls was having their 3rd Annual Cajun Festival so we stopped by for some Louisiana fun.
It was pretty small but we got to sit on hay bales and watch a few bands and get some cajun food and people watch (my favorite non-competitive sport). I'm too afraid to eat crawfish so I just took pictures. A guy standing next to me dropped one off his plate and I started to reach for it but withdrew in horror when I saw its little eyes staring up at me. Sorry guy.
I was so happy that the first band covered some of my favorite country songs! Louisiana Saturday Night, The Devil Went Down to Georgia and Mountain Music. I secretly wish I were a cowgirl. I'm too afraid of horses though.

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Erin said...

Fun! I'm with you on the crawfish. Even looking at the pics makes me a little grossed out. I have a friend from Wichita Falls, but he is now in the Army and lives near Fort Hood. You trained there, right?