Saturday, January 23, 2010

Work Trip

I went to Langley AFB which is actually in Hampton, VA for 2 weeks to work on medical equipment and QA their work. This trip was great for several reasons. #1. Ashley, my tech school roommate, is stationed there. #2. Langley is close to Virginia Beach and other cool cities. #3. Langley is close enough for Corey to come down and visit since we had a 3 day weekend. #4. We did not have to pack our stuff and the truck up everyday to go to other bases. We just stayed there the whole time. Much easier. #5. Devin and Sarah and Eva met us in Yorktown so we could hang out and then they took us to a really cool restaurant in Williamsburg.


Stef said...

Looks fun, and Sarah's baby is SOOO cute!

Sarah said...

I'm surprised the nosepicking pic didn't make the post. :) I think Eva's about to tackle a dog in that picture. So funny. Thanks for meeting up!