Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Busch Gardens

Last weekend we met up with Sarah and Devon and Eva and went to the world's most beautiful amusement park. It was seriously gorgeous and I was very impressed. It was also completely free for me and Corey thanks to their generous support of the troops. I always feel a little bad accepting free things as a 'hero' since as you all know all I've ever done for our freedom is pushups, but since I'm with Corey it's not as bad. He is a hero and has a purple heart to prove it so I kinda just ride on that.
Anyway, it was such a cool park and it did pour and I kind of thought we were going to be caught in the midst of a hurricane but turns out it kept the crowds down. Budweiser owns the park so Corey got his picture with a Clydesdale and couldn't be happier. He loves animals.
We stayed the night in Richmond and got to see Devon and Sarah's new house and and a little bit of the area. Virginia is a lot prettier than Maryland. I didn't realize this until we went down there. Oh well, Maryland is still nice if you're not in the ghetto.


Erin said...

Carrie! Some of us xango folk are going to be in DC this weekend for a launch event. We'll be at the Ritz Carlton. You should totally stop by! Email me at ercurr@gmail.com if you are able. It would be great to see you!

Stef said...

It is SOOO cool that Corey has a purple heart! That is something you and your kids can brag about forever!