Monday, August 10, 2009

Whitewater Floating

I got back from my TDY a few weeks ago. We got to take a ferry from Conneticut to Long Island and drove to the Hamptons. We somehow made it possible to stay our last night at the Hilton in Times Square so we walked around a little and got some pizza. I was ready to come home so it was just okay.
The weekend I got home a coworker and I threw my friend, Brooke, a baby shower. It was definitely not your traditional, sweet celebration of the new life about to enter the world. It was a little more anatomical and real. Unfortunately the pictures are too mature for all audiences so just imagine a cake in the shape of 'what got her there in the first place'. Since I'd already done the dirty diaper game at my friend, Stefanie's, baby shower that was a no brainer and then a bottle chugging musical chairs where the 'mom' had to feed the 'baby'.
The next weekend some friends and me and Corey went 'whitewater' tubing on the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers out in West Virginia. I was so excited since I grew up floating the Umpqua river and it has a few pretty intense rapids along the 4 hour float. I was expecting the same I guess but was hardly impressed by the mighty whitewater the Potomac had to offer. It was funny 'cause I was really a little nervous since I always think I won't be able to hack it, so at least I was disappointed instead of the only person who couldn't hack the rapids. The Shenandoah was a nice slow float so we could relax and not get river rocks rammed into our butt cheeks like the Potomac.
The wedding pictures are finally up! The are over 512 so if you dare check them all out, here is the website.
Click 'Order Online' then 'Weddings' then 'Carrie & Corey'.
Or you can enjoy the ease of viewing a few of the ones I choose.


Stef said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures. Your wedding was beautiful!!

marleah said...

Carrie these are so fun! I want one for our picture wall. You look freaking gorgeous! Love you!

Sarah said...

Love the pics! Wish we could have been there!

Mical said...

You looked so beautiful! Congratulations!